Thursday, 9 May 2013

the studio cat

when esme is with me she spends a lot of time in the studio her best place in on my work table in amongst the fabric

so my lovely transfer printed synthetic satin makes a comfortable spot for a cat while she watches me sew

but her very best place is in front of the window where she can watch the comings and goings on the bird feeders!

 anyway I have been working on another marble tile piece silk background printed with thermofax screens and transfer printed synthetic satin for the tiles so there is a lovely sheen to the fabric and once the shapes are machined in I can cut away with the soldering iron so no finishing required ! the Bristol triptych piece below is on tour with the Grosvenor shows  From Marble to Marvellous at Sandown, Harrogate, Edinburgh and Duxford hope you can get to see it.

Oh and by the way esme has gone home now


  1. What an amazing looking cat you have, he's beautiful, but don't they always sit in the most inconvenient of places, lol!? The triptych is amazing.

    1. well Esme belongs to my daughter in law and only comes to stay occasionally she's gone back home again so I have a chance to get rid of all the cat hairs. By the way I'm coming to Australia next April for the Australasian Quilt convention in Melbourne

  2. Esme is a beauty! Love the triptych, especially the beautiful background texture.