Thursday, 15 January 2015

Back again

I'm afraid I have been very lax about keeping up my blog, thinking maybe that no-one is really interested in what I may or may not be doing, is blogging a purely self indulgent activity? or is it really a good way of communicating and keeping in touch - not really sure.

From my ramblings you may have perceived that I am sort of facing a bit of a personal crisis about where am I going with my life - at 60 + should I be thinking of retiring or should I be ignoring time and forging ahead? I think honestly its time to concentrate on what is important to me. I have to prioritise and use my time wisely - I want to enjoy my home and family and spend time exploring my own creative endeavours which means my teaching commitments will have to be curtailed somewhat.

Having said all that I am busy getting ready for my epic trip to New Zealand, firstly for a holiday and then a teaching tour with the Embroiderers' Guild - watch this space! I have spent the last few weeks preparing teaching packs which have now been shipped to various destinations in NZ I am spending an anxious time watching the tracking details - they are on their way but haven't made it downunder yet! So here I am a bit like a headless chicken painting papers with transfer paints, printing synthetic satin and Kunin felt, making lists of threads and samples that I will need for the classes and trying to work out how few clothes I can get away with for a 6 week trip. SIX WEEKS! Suddenly it seems like its a long time to be away from home!

Anyway just enjoy this photo of me at Christmas with my gorgeous grandson Jake
I'll be back soon and will try to be more positive!