Sunday, 25 March 2012

gabion wall

here's colin surveying his handiwork - he's building a gabion wall along the top of the garden to hide the very uninteresting wooden fence. the finished wall will have sedum along the top and a few climbing plants.

weather forecaster

this sign outside colin's office always amuses me - hope you can read it!

three flatcoats

pippa and esme have come to stay for the week while chris and ash are skiing. this morning we took the three flaties for a run on a turf field in the lovely spring sunshine.

theme and variation

i have been working quite hard in the studio - this is another piece on a musical theme to go with my four seasons quilts ready for exhibition later in the year. i'm really trying to get ahead so i don't feel too rushed and stressed. i got a couple of thermofax screens to print on the silk - really pleased with the result. the violins are printed onto painted lutrador. its all ready now to be quilted to death.

Friday, 2 March 2012