Wednesday, 25 September 2013

dyeing day at the turkeyshed

our first workshop at the turkeyshed and great results with dyeing fabrics, lots of fun, chat and creativity. many of the advertised workshops are already fully booked so we are running a new programme starting in January - get signed up now!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Region 9 workshop day

region 9 members at yesterday's cutting edge celtic work workshop, all hard at work but they did get really good results.

Cutting edge celtic work

while I've been 'resting' getting my foot better after surgery I have been working on this piece which looks very traditional using celtic knot designs but actually its quite a contemporary technique. the knot work is done using evalon fabric (spun polyester) which has been foiled and painted, the design is machine stitched from the back ( a reverse applique technique) and then the design is revealed on the front when it is cut away with a soldering iron - et voila !

a trip to lincoln and steam punk

while the 'boys' went to the transport museum kay and I went into the city to shop and sightsee. we were entertained by the people attending the steam punk festival all dressed up in their amazing gear-not sure exactly what steam punk is all about but it looked fun!

a trip to braintree

A day out in Braintree with the Quillows group from Bury St Edmunds, we visited the Warner Textile Archive which was fascinating with a very informative talk from the curator and lots of textiles to look at, well worth making the effort to visit. I don't know why my photos are sideways!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


teazels with a bit of colour - i'm sure there's a bit of art work coming on!

Thursday, 5 September 2013


have you noticed how abundant the butterflies have been this summer? I suppose they are making up for last year, but my garden is full of them-loads of 'whites' laying their eggs and letting their caterpillars decimate my brassicas! but lots of other more lovely ones like this little fella posing on my wall.