Wednesday 17 August 2016

Cathedral inspiration

Figures on the front of Exeter cathedral inspiration for more pieces in my Guardians series, they are really interesting.

Rhinos in Devon!

We came across these colourful beasties on a recent trip to Exeter the last time we saw creatures like these it was is Sydney! Sorry to emphasise our worldwide travel! They are going to be auctioned for charity would love to have one of these in the garden.

Festival of Quilts Winner

This was the winner of the Fine Art Quilt Masters, interesting piece! What do you think?
Perhaps I'll have a shot at it next year......................

Sunday 14 August 2016

Festival of Quilts 2016

 A flying one day visit to the festival, very strange being there and not working, someone else sitting in my seat ! (Mary McIntosh) but great to see so many old friends and a chance to catch up with no pressure. Here are just a few of the pieces that caught my eye.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Soooooooooooo excited

Today I have been to visit Kelly Swallow to organise getting my little chair re-upholstered in Kelly Swallow style (patchwork!)
This is my little chair that I was lucky enough to have when my father in law's house was cleared.

And here are 2 of Kelly's chairs beautifully upholstered in the sort of colours I have chosen. Can't wait to see what it looks like! Lovely to meet Kelly and her husband, so much to talk about, and what fun digging through the piles of fabrics choosing the ones to include.

Thursday 14 July 2016

Quilt mystery

I recently went to have a look at this patchwork, a massive piece of tiny hexagons all in silk and still with the original papers tacked in. It had come to light quite by accident and acquired by a local lady who isn't really a stitcher but thought it looked too interesting to pass by. A textile historian may be able to date the fabrics - all silk! and the papers may give up some secrets, they look like they have been cut out of a London newspaper - possibly mid-Victorian but no dates found yet although some mention of Prince Albert in a Court Circular announcement and he died 1861.

Quilts for Minerva

a few shots of the pieces I have sent off for the Sentinels Exhibition at the Minerva Arts Centre in Wales, the exhibition opens on 25th July and I do hope to be able to get to see all our work in situ, I think its going to be a great show. I have to admit though that its been a marathon effort to complete the 4 pieces! the biggest hurdle was actually getting going, once I had decided what to do it was straight forward but getting the initial ideas together was soooooooooo... difficult! Anyway done now and onwards and upward to the next challenge.