Monday, 28 May 2012

mad dogs and englishmen

Alex Lynette and James ready for the big swim

they managed 4 lengths of the reservoir persued by the dogs who were very bemused by the whole exercise!

Christopher showing his dog training skills! yes there are 5 of them.

wonderful tiles

had a really good day at sew creative wroxham barns on saturday. two of my ladies who had been on the medieval magic day earlier in the year, very kindly brought their completed pieces to show me - aren't they lovely? its great to see the projects when they are finished.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

bird feeder activity

the bird feeder has been busy with baby starlings who hang around waiting for an adult to feed them

a day in the studio

i have had a really nice day playing in the studio with a lovely lady called sarah who is a textile teacher at norwich school for girls, i was showing her some of the unusual surfaces i construct to include in my own work and things she can use with the girls at school. sarah was most amused by cotton wool paper especially when i showed her how to make a cotton wool bowl ! she has gone home with a car full of wet and gluey samples and i have the studio to tidy - its much too hot to do that at the moment - i can announce that summer has arrived yay!!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

encounter with a cheetah

here i am at a samctuary and rehabilitation for cats of all kinds. i know it was under controlled conditions but the cheetah is wild so it was pretty amazing to go into the enclosure with it - and 2 rangers. would you believe that they even put harnesses on them to take them for walks in the bush.

Monday, 14 May 2012

a meeting in cape town

well i haven't blogged for ages, such a lot going on really, lots of work to get completed and my father in law's 90th birthday and people to stay and then colin's 60th and our fabulous trip to south africa (more to come about that!) before we left for sa i made contact with penny cornell through linkedin. i've had a copy of her inspirational book 'the liberated canvas' for ages so it was a treat to meet her in cape town and to see all her lovely work look at her web site