Tuesday, 30 March 2010

fun at wroxham barns

we had a lot of fun last week with a dyeing day at wroxham barns everyone went away with good results and a range of interesting fabrics for a new project. i hope it dispelled a lot of the myths about fabric dyeing and that you will all go away and play and experiment. so sorry to hear that sylvia was in hospital but hope she is well on the way to recovery now.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

way out west

well we had a lovely time in cornwall - a long drive but the weather was good and we even got to visit polperro and walked on the coastal path in the sun!

here are some of the ladies working at roseland mews studio - they worked very hard and produced some really nice pieces - well done girls. i hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

many thanks to jane and anne and to kath sobey for her warm hospitality at her lovely farmhouse b&b

Thursday, 4 March 2010

a little experiment and some news

i've been playing with this technique to suspend textile pieces in a transparent frame or putting in transparent insertions to separate pieces - has lots of possibilities so i need to develop my ideas when i get time. have almost finished quilting my rust piece then it will need a bit of hand work to complete the textured look - will show you soon. must get going on the second piece because these two are destined for the loch lomond quilt show in may.

weddings apparently are like buses you don't get one for ages and then two come along together. my eldest son chris has just announced that he is getting married on 17th september-just 6 weeks after his brother! don't know yet whether i'll be asked to produce another wedding dress but working on the first one to get it just about finished apart from hems and final adjustment to side seams. still got 3 bridesmaids dresses to do - help!

off to meet the ladies at marsh quilters in leytonstone this evening and then next week down to cornwall to teach at roseland mews near liskeard thankfully colin is coming with me so don't have to do all the driving this time

Monday, 1 March 2010

a nice day at long bennington

despite the rain we had a really productive and creative day at long bennington it was great to see everyone working well and producing such lovely pieces - well done girls. i look forward to working with you again.