Thursday, 21 August 2014

Matisse and all that

We had a lovely day in London yesterday, a visit to the Tate Modern to see the Matisse- Cut Outs exhibition - brilliant and so inspiring! His work is so tactile so much like textiles - I can see a Quilt coming on. Amazingly I did make a Matisse quilt in 1997, see pic, which featured the dancers and some of his cut out work, I really must think about doing something to follow up on this. Afterwards we had a good lunch, it has to be done, at a greek restaurant on the embankment and then a visit to the tower to se the Poppy installation - extremely moving and more inspiration for textiles

Sunday, 17 August 2014

designer shoes

saw these shoes recently on a trip to London - just had to share them with you. Aren't they FAB!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Success at the Festival of Quilts

Well I am back from the Festival of Quilts and have to say that it was pretty amazing to get such good results with my entries. Brilliant to have some real recognition for my work and I was overwhelmed with the reaction from my fellow quilters, thank you all for your congratulations and your kind words, it is very much appreciated. I have to admit that before the show I was feeling a bit 'down' and wondered whether the world really needs any more quilts (or wall hangings for that matter) but now I am spurred on to be creative!

I had such a good time at the show and met so many lovely people-briefly caught up with Cecile Whatman from Oz (Unique Stitching) and amazing to see Robyn from one of the classes at AQC in Melbourne, some ladies from NZ that I hope to be able to see again next spring on my ANZEG tour and a lovely Russian lady, Galina, who very kindly gave me a gift of a book on Russian Lace which she indicated could be a source for designs.
Winning Quilt at the Festival of Quilts

This one got Highly Commended