Thursday, 25 August 2011

its my birthday

one of my most favourite places to eat is the fish place on the harbour at southwold, you have to take your own bread etc and wine so you can enjoy a glass or two..or three! but the seafood is amazing - so this was my choice for my birthday - colin had a day off work and we had an away day at the sea side, met up with richard and fiona and even the weather played ball. i've been looking forward to a family weekend to continue the celebrations but the army has scuppered that and christopher is off to italy tomorrow to fix a runway - vital i'm sure but not good for family stuff, so now ashleigh has to sort out the animals and get them to us - its going to be a bit of a zoo.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

more experiments

here's the result of my first trial print just got to decide how i'm going to use it

sutton hoo samples

i'm playing with this transfer solution to get my photocopied images on to fabric, i'm not sure how permanent it will be - does anyone out there have any experience of using the stuff? i've manipulated my image of the helmet on photoshop elements to get a ghostly effect - well that's the idea lets see if it works

a new project

this is the starting point for my new project, its a commission for the lady who purchased another of my Sutton Hoo pieces (the very orange piece on my web site gallery) so i've been doing some samples and experiments

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

and just a little bit more

and i just had to have this piece of kimono fabric from susan briscoe, just love the subtle colours and abstract design, its really fine wool, feels yummy.

just a bit of fabric

i did say that i wasn't going to buy any more fabric but in a moment of weakness i just had to have these they are from Eternal Maker they have the most amazing fabrics just have a look.

new stuff and a disappointment

our new oak furniture arrived today, 2 lamp tables and a book/display cupboard. very excited to unwrap everything but disappointed to find that one of the tables is damaged! phone call and email later and they promise to replace it on friday.

kitchen blind

just back from the festival of quilts at nec birmingham, lovely to see so many folks, lots of people to talk to, thankyou to all of you who came by to say hello. really tired now so spending this week quietly at home, catching up and trying to be creative. here you can see my completed kitchen blind. just love the fabric!

Monday, 8 August 2011

more stuff for the show

i've made lots of yummy book covers for my stand at the show so if you want one get in quick there may not be any left by sunday - i hope! don't forget to come and say hello i'm on a different stand this year QIA 13 hope you can find me.

getting ready for the show

just getting ready for the festival of quilts, looks as though i'm moving house! i try to be organised but always end up like a headless chicken with too many things to do at the last minute and worried that i will leave something vital behind.

Monday, 1 August 2011

walking with pippa

a lovely weekend with chris and ash at old dalby. here i am in charge of pippa on a country walk - she's growing so quickly!