Wednesday, 23 June 2010

wow we've got a floor

well an enormous crane arrived early this morning and two large lorries with blocks and beams followed by a floor-laying gang-loads of activity! the crane was so big the children at the primary school could see it - great excitement. by 2pm it was all done and dusted so everyone could run off to watch the football - lets hope england win today.

the floor plan now looks much larger!

Friday, 18 June 2010

progress on the building site

its been dry all week so work on the site has progressed well, the blockwork has just about been done on the foundations, some work has been done on the drainage for the drive and the water pipe has been put in (but no water yet) apparently the floor will be done next week. at the moment the dimensions of the rooms look small i hope this will change as the build progresses otherwise we will be down-sizing!!

a bit of creativity

its been quite a busy week with workshop days here's a sample of what was produced by the girls at loose threads - velvets, foils and sweet papers make great backgrounds for stitchery. well done girls!

a bit of rusty inspiration

before we went to the wedding colin took inca for her gundog training session so while i was waiting i found some old sheds that were crying out to be photographed - lots of rust and peeling paint - inspiration for some new work when i've finished the bridesmaids dresses.

the v&a and a wedding

i'm really behind with my news so here goes - ready for some new posts?

we went to yet another wedding, my nephew nick and his lovely bride kathryn, here they are with my brother and sister in law. a lovely sunny day at old hunstanton.

i forgot to tell you all that i've also been to the quilt show at the v&a which i did enjoy, lots to see, took ages to get round. however it has sooooooooo many omissions, no mention of the guild, the museum at york, beamish or amy emms and so much more! i don't know what anyone else thinks????? by the way thank you girls for your company on the trip it was a good day out.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

and the cement came

well its been quite an exciting day, despite my misgivings about the weather they decided to go ahead today with the cement deliveries, i went out for a short time this morning and by the time i had returned some of the trenches were already filled. then later on today another lorry arrived with the workers cabin which was amazingly hoisted off the back of the lorry and into the garden - not really aesthetically pleasing but obviously a necessity. all this was done before the heavens opened and another monsoon descended on us.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

and then it rained

well work has gone very well on the site the footings are all dug out, it looks like some medieval earth works. today was to be cement pouring day but it rained all night, just like a monsoon, and although there was plastic sheeting all down the drive the plot is like a skating rink so no access for lorries. looking at the weather forecast i doubt whether they'll be here at all this week. so frustrating!!!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

lots of holes and a soil mountain

work seems to progressing quite quickly so far, some trenches dug to reveal the chalk, lots of top soil removed and saved ready to go back eventually and the drive all dug out ready for hard core. building inspector has to come next and then i think concrete will be arriving on tuesday. been awake early thinking about all the things we've got to organise to keep up with the builder!
bridesmaids dresses coming along slowly. no time for creative stuff at the moment. just off to kettering for a wedding at least we'll have a really nice day weather is gorgeous.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


we are very excited and pleased to hear that christopher has been promoted to sergeant today. its long overdue. he has been celebrating since early morning so it might be messy by now!

well we've made a start

well the builders have turned up and so has the equipment, goodness knows what the neighbours think to all the activity. thank goodness the weather is good, if we have rain now it will be like a mud bath, the amazing digger has already carved out the drive and is busy levelling the site for our house.