Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ocean Race

Scene in Auckland, the flags advertising the Volvo Round the World Ocean Race, very exciting to see the boats out of the water being prepared for the next leg of the race starting on 15th March - Auckland to Brazil, a huge challenge. In fact the whole set up around the harbour area was most impressive with  all kinds of activities relating to the race. Must try to follow the progress from now on!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Art Deco weekend in Napier

Well I have tried to upload some images but it doesn't seem to want to work! We have been in New Zealand for just over a week. We have spent time in Hawkes Bay sight seeing nd visiting friends,  good visit to the Gannet Sanctuary at Cape kidnappers, a trip to Te Mata peak and a couple of wineries, now up in the Bay of Islands, beautiful scenery, a trip today to the most Northern Cape and along Ninety Mile beach including exciting sand boarding down the giant and dunes - Yes I did it!
Will try to post some photos

Thursday, 12 February 2015

a little bit of creativity

well here I am 2 days away from leaving home for my New Zealand adventure and still playing catch up I wish I was a very organised person! I've started packing but keep thinking of things I should be doing and things I should be including. anyway yesterday we had our Anglia Textile Works meeting, lovely to see the other girls and catch up with them all. We have a small exhibition coming up at Braintree so all the pieces have been collected ready to hang, it all happens while I am away. here's my contribution, or rather details of my piece, very celtic, worked on hand dyed silk
any way I am going to try to add to my blog while I am away if my ipad will play ball and let me upload my photos - we'll see!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Jake's naming day

We had a lovely day on Saturday at Nurstead Court in Kent for Jake's naming day. I am sure more images will come to light but here are a couple

Chris Ash and Jake

Jake the escape artist

an unfortunate incident

colin's car was parked outside the office when a lorry reversed into it and took out the rear window! all has been fixed now although there is still a bit of bodywork repair to be done but just another thing to deal with.
on the other hand good things also happen, amazingly my parcels of teaching materials sent to New Zealand have miraculously come to light after being declared 'lost' and all 4 have now been delivered so big sigh of relief and now I can concentrate on packing only 5 days to go.

Monday, 2 February 2015

a winter walk

seen while walking in the woods today lovely winter sunshine but low temperatures have made sure that the ice hasn't melted on the puddles - nice patterns though! It was good to get out in the fresh air
and away from the muddle at home, the boxes of teaching packs and fabrics sent to New Zealand at the beginning of January appear to be 'lost' so I have had to put a contingency plan into action to get enough stuff down under for my classes, not sure yet how its going to pan out, I will have to keep my clothes packing down to a minimum -not an easy task, I have never been very good at travelling light. Thinking about my boxes I just can't imagine where they have got to, they are obviously together somewhere so I just hope they actually appear before I get to my teaching venues.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Back again

I'm afraid I have been very lax about keeping up my blog, thinking maybe that no-one is really interested in what I may or may not be doing, is blogging a purely self indulgent activity? or is it really a good way of communicating and keeping in touch - not really sure.

From my ramblings you may have perceived that I am sort of facing a bit of a personal crisis about where am I going with my life - at 60 + should I be thinking of retiring or should I be ignoring time and forging ahead? I think honestly its time to concentrate on what is important to me. I have to prioritise and use my time wisely - I want to enjoy my home and family and spend time exploring my own creative endeavours which means my teaching commitments will have to be curtailed somewhat.

Having said all that I am busy getting ready for my epic trip to New Zealand, firstly for a holiday and then a teaching tour with the Embroiderers' Guild - watch this space! I have spent the last few weeks preparing teaching packs which have now been shipped to various destinations in NZ I am spending an anxious time watching the tracking details - they are on their way but haven't made it downunder yet! So here I am a bit like a headless chicken painting papers with transfer paints, printing synthetic satin and Kunin felt, making lists of threads and samples that I will need for the classes and trying to work out how few clothes I can get away with for a 6 week trip. SIX WEEKS! Suddenly it seems like its a long time to be away from home!

Anyway just enjoy this photo of me at Christmas with my gorgeous grandson Jake
I'll be back soon and will try to be more positive!