Monday, 28 October 2013

west country embroiderers

here are the girls at kingcombe

and a selection of their lovely work, transfer dyed satin for their creative marble pieces.

a trip to dorset

I spent most of last week with a group of ladies from west country embroiderers at the lovely kingcombe centre - wonderful dorset countryside - an idyllic setting. Such a shame its so far from home, a seven hour drive made worse by the car park that is the M25! anyway well worth the effort by the time I arrived for lunch and straight into teaching!

Monday, 14 October 2013

a wet weekend in barnsley

well actually not Barnsley, I was with a whole load of gals from CQ (Contemporary Quilt section of the Quilters Guild) at Wentworth Castle - which sounds very grand - but is actually Northern College -which is less grand-a VERY studenty experience! Anyway my happy bunch of students worked really hard producing lots of lovely surfaces to take home and add to their textile repertoire. The wet weather didn't dampen our enthusiasm and I think MOST of the samples were dry for their journeys home.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

studio disaster

while I've been away in spain there was a bit of a disaster in the studio when the inner part of the double glazed skylight seems to have exploded and shattered - glass everywhere! Colin has cleared up a lot of it but I still keep finding bits all over the place, anyway I've got to get in there to work and get stuff ready for the weekend. CQ Winter School coming up at Wentworth Castle near Barnsley.

La Drova 2013

Cheers its our last night

bring on the paella

with sally and dee

a trip to gandia

the square in gandia

gorgeous gandia playa

not sure what this is all about - something to do with the fiesta

just love these shoes

stitching in spain

just a selection of the work produced during the week in La Drova

spanish quilting experience

just got back from teaching in spain, here are some of the girls beavering away in the work room at La Drova