Monday, 14 October 2013

a wet weekend in barnsley

well actually not Barnsley, I was with a whole load of gals from CQ (Contemporary Quilt section of the Quilters Guild) at Wentworth Castle - which sounds very grand - but is actually Northern College -which is less grand-a VERY studenty experience! Anyway my happy bunch of students worked really hard producing lots of lovely surfaces to take home and add to their textile repertoire. The wet weather didn't dampen our enthusiasm and I think MOST of the samples were dry for their journeys home.


  1. Lol, no idea what I'm looking at - I seem to be grimacing!!! It was a lovely weekend, thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, meeting everyone and learning all the new techniques - don't feel up to doing anything with them today but am beginning to jot down a few ideas. Thanks again, Linda D.

  2. I really enjoyed this winter school, by far the best for me as all of the work is perfect for what I do at the moment. Thanks Yvonne for a splendid week end of new techniques and we really had a great group of folk chris dixon