Sunday, 5 May 2013

lots of news

well first of all my big news - I've been invited to teach and lecture at the Australasian quilt convention in Melbourne next april - how cool is that! soooooooooooo excited to get yet another trip down under.

then I found out that I had won a pair of earrings from Michael birnie jewellers in bury st Edmunds which was a nice surprise.

then yesterday I went to a region 9 event at mundford - the spring trade fair with doughty fabric road show. great to catch up with lots of old friends and buy a bit of fabric and do a bit of a deal with mat from doughty - may prove to be a good contact - its all about networking I think.
sorry no photos today - just off to the garden to work in the sunshine - need some vitamin D


  1. Congratulations, sounds like it was your lucky day - did you go out and buy a lotto ticket? They say things come in three's.

  2. well yes I did but it didn't come up

  3. what are you teaching Yvonne? SOunds exciting. Any other plans while you are in OZ?

    1. Early days yet so I'm not sure what I'll be teaching or where I'll be going but I hope to get to see as much as possible while in OZ - really looking forward to my trip-have you any suggestions?