Thursday, 16 June 2016

I'm back!

Very naughty of me not to continue with my blog so here I am again - will try harder!
After my wonderful trip to New Zealand last year everything else seemed rather an anti-climax so after a year of re-assessing my life and assimulating recent changes - we now have 2 rather lovely grandsons and retirement looms on the horizon- I feel I can move forward. I have made a the decision to scale back my teaching commitments and all that goes with it and to concentrate more on my own creative work and spend more time with my family, particularly the little ones before they grow up and not need Nanny.

I have been busy in the studio producing some new pieces for an exhibition in Wales with Anglia Textile Works from 25th July at the Minerva Arts Centre, these are going to be titled The Guardian pieces - working in series!

I've also had fun making dungarees for Harry, well it was fun once I had mastered how to do the poppas!
I'll be back!

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