Friday, 3 January 2014

happy new year

well happy new year to everyone who visits my blog and I hope you all had a great Christmas time with friends and family. amazingly this year I got away with doing very little cooking but we spent quite a bit of time on the road visiting, so it was a very different kind of Christmas.

I was hoping to spend some time in the studio catching up on some vital textile work ( a piece of work that has to be completed and shipped ready for an exhibition) but I am far behind schedule and now in a panic (again!) about getting it finished in time. its always the same when you have a deadline evasion tactics come into force and when I have had time to sew all I've wanted to do is make baby things! Yes we are going to be grandparents this summer so I really want to make things for 'our baby'. the first thing I've done is this fabric ball, I can remember making them 30 years ago when the boys came along.

the ball is made from fabric from my stash - I really must get it used up - but why on earth did I ever buy this piggy fabric?!!!!!!!!!!!!! just goes to show that whatever you have hidden away will always come in useful eventually.

anyway back to the studio to get this piece of work finished, I can't show it to you as its going to St Anthony's at York to be part of the new exhibition by Anglia Textile Works.

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