Tuesday, 13 August 2013

festival of quilts

my stand at the show

mary mcintosh sitting opposite me

lucie feeding her face on the simply solids stand

annette and dan in their gallery
well here are a few images from the show, I've been home 2 days and still haven't unpacked properly probably because I don't want the bother of putting everything away but I have been cleaning the house like a maniac and rearranging stuff. I'm sort of getting ready for my enforced rest because i'm having a foot operation on Thursday and just know that it will drive me mad if i'm sat in the middle of a tip! Got to go shopping tomorrow to stock up the cupboards as I won't be driving for 4 or 5 weeks - the car will get a rest and I've got some projects to get on with.


  1. Great photos, wish I could get to these wonderful events, I'm so envious. Good luck with your operation, hope all goes well.

  2. Good luck with the operation, hope all goes well and that you manage to get your projects done whilst resting :) Your stand looks wonderful, sadly I didn't get to FoQ, hopefully next year!