Wednesday, 5 May 2010

just exhausted

no pictures today just an update on life in general.

we spent the bank holiday weekend moving alex and lynette from bury st edmunds to sawston. with the help of lynette's parents we even got 3 rooms painted and most of the stuff moved and unpacked. in the middle of all this activity ashleigh finally arrived back from afghanistan which meant we were all able to go out for a well earned meal together on sunday evening in cambridge. in amongst all this chaos we managed to get 2 of the bridesmaids to sawston for dress fittings!

the saga of the building site continues. much frustration last week over the sewage pipe which has become a huge stumbling block. i can't bear to think that we have to throw so much money down a hole to have the pipe diverted so now we are going down the track of a revision to the house plans - i think it might work. just a little disappointing not to go with the original design that we really love but perhaps the revision has its own advantages. we really must get building soon.

i had a little diversion yesterday when i visited amwell quilters near hoddesdon lovely to see some familiar faces, met gladys who was with me in spain last autumn complete with one of her pieces. it seems like a really friendly group.

atw quilts have been sent off to loch lomond for the big show, i'm looking forward to seeing them when i get there. have sent off my entry form for festival of quilts but still got one quilt to start - let alone finish - when do they have to be ready??????????

better get back to work..........................

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