Monday, 19 April 2010

tulips and other stuff

another little experiment using sheers to make a link or insertion. i've got ideas to make a larger piece with the tulip motif so watch this space, as they say. just need a lot more time and energy.

had a good meeting today about sending our atw quilts to the loch lomond show in may, some older pieces and some lovely new ones, hope some of you will be able to get to see them. our ely quilts are in america with fiber transformed - going on tour no less.

i'm off to market harborough this week to meet some quilters and belstead house at the weekend to meet some embroiderers from essex, i hope they are ready to be creative.

weddings seems to dominate our time at the moment and house moves - alex and lynette should soon complete on their new house in sawston - just need someone to buy the house in bury now! it looks as though the havoc caused by the volcano is going to delay ashleigh coming back from afghanistan all she wants to do is come home and enjoy planning her wedding. the wedding dress for lynette just needs a little 'fine tuning' and the first bridesmaids dress is ready for a fitting. i'm playing with some other lengths of yummy fabric thinking of making my own outfits for the weddings.

what else is going on here? well just the building project that frustratingly hasn't started, we are still trying to overcome the obstacle of the sewage pipe - it looks as though we are going to have to divert it after all - a lot of money to throw down a hole. so all in all quite a few things to occupy my mind.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting you at Belstead this weekend.